Merchant Service Provider For Setting Up Acceptance Of Credit Card Payments

Almost any kind of business whether it is retail, wholesale, professional, or a restaurant needs to accept payments through credit cards. This is the prevalent norm nowadays. To do so, it is necessary that the business employs the services of a merchant service provider to set up the systems that will enable it to accept such payments. Payment by cash at restaurants and at stores is now passé with people opting to swipe their plastic cards. Moreover, goods and services that are bought online Read more [...]

Merchants at the Wrong End of Payment Fraud

The next step in the evolution was the use of gold and silver, which became the most commonly used commodity money, and are still used today by our government and banks to run our financial systems. The central banks have replaced the gold and silver with banknotes (cash and cheques), which are backed by deposits of gold and silver. A payment falls under what is called a legal tender and the current banknotes are legal tender. With the introduction of computer systems, the movement Read more [...]

An Online Payment Gateway Makes Payment Processing Quick and Easy

Buying and selling products and services online is faster than ever before. Merchants can easily accept customer payments from credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts with an online payment gateway. A gateway is a secure, automated system that takes the payment from a buyer and delivers it to the merchant. This service processes the payment, authorizes it, and then accepts or declines the transaction based on the information received.An online payment gateway provides many benefits for Read more [...]